Andy Coe Band

Originally formed to pay tribute to guitar hero and folk legend Jerry Garcia, the Andy Coe Band has evolved into the greatest jam band to come out of the Pacific Northwest in years. The fretboard & tone wizardry of Andy Coe joins forces with the textural bliss of Gary Palmer on keyboards, the tight pocket grooves of Chris Jones on bass, and the symbiotic rhythms of Scott Goodwin & Bob Rees on percussion, to deliver stellar tunes in mystical proportions.



What began as an ode to some of the organ greats in soul jazz, such as delivering their own take on the works of Jimmy Smith and Captain Jack McDuff, soon turned into something more. A movement towards being a band that can appeal to almost any audience, room, and vibe. Melody, dynamics, and groove...from the soft and surreal to deep funk. From swinging soul...all the way to the thumping metal musical stone gets unturned. McTUFF is about letting it all go and having fun, a moment of time to remember the groove laid down by the soul masters, as well as introduce original works of their own.


Skerik's Bandalabra

Skerik's latest project Bandalabra features three of his fellow Seattle hometown's most revered players: Andy Coe on electric guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes on upright bass and Dvonne Lewis on drums. In Skerik's words, Bandalabra is intended to conjure the sounds of "Fela Kuti meeting Steve Reich in rock's backyard."

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